Thursday, December 9, 2010


This piece was the starting point of my concentration series that is still continuing as of today. This piece had the idea of a gothic design in a modernistic fashion, where there will most likely be a central support structure then from the support there will be extruding beams that will create a rhythm to the piece.

Coke Bottle

This wood sculpture is an assembly of 288 pieces of small wood blocks that when put together make a form of a coke bottle. The spacing in between the wood blocks were made by cutting up tile spacers and placing them in between.


This is steamed wood that has been bent around a jig and assembled to create a meteor that I have dubbed Apophisis after the comet (or meteor) Apophisis destined to come between the earth and the moon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Self-Portrait in Pen

This piece is a pen drawing of myself that incorporated a single-light source to add a more dramatic effect to the facial features.

Predella in Pen

This piece is what is to be known as a predella piece where a central figure is displayed at the top and then underneath the figure there are a couple to a few other pictures that show what defines the figure, or what the figure has. In this case, I drew myself in freshman year and then underneath me I have my hand holding a miniature chair and potato sack (these are items I really do own.) underneath that is my living room where I like to gather with family and/or friends.