Thursday, December 9, 2010


This piece was the starting point of my concentration series that is still continuing as of today. This piece had the idea of a gothic design in a modernistic fashion, where there will most likely be a central support structure then from the support there will be extruding beams that will create a rhythm to the piece.

Coke Bottle

This wood sculpture is an assembly of 288 pieces of small wood blocks that when put together make a form of a coke bottle. The spacing in between the wood blocks were made by cutting up tile spacers and placing them in between.


This is steamed wood that has been bent around a jig and assembled to create a meteor that I have dubbed Apophisis after the comet (or meteor) Apophisis destined to come between the earth and the moon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Self-Portrait in Pen

This piece is a pen drawing of myself that incorporated a single-light source to add a more dramatic effect to the facial features.

Predella in Pen

This piece is what is to be known as a predella piece where a central figure is displayed at the top and then underneath the figure there are a couple to a few other pictures that show what defines the figure, or what the figure has. In this case, I drew myself in freshman year and then underneath me I have my hand holding a miniature chair and potato sack (these are items I really do own.) underneath that is my living room where I like to gather with family and/or friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Hope Replaces Fear

This drawing is made using Prisma-markers and ebony pencil. The mice in the piece represent the human race and how they are trying to save all they can from the computerized black holes in the upper corner of the piece. The computerized black holes represents computer technology that might one day become so powerful that it may one day take over everything that we own and hold dear.


This is a black and white still life drawing of chairs that have been stacked and arranged for a strong and appealing composition. Ebony pencil is the exact media that was used in the piece. The cast shadows along the chairs and cushions are very strong and show weight and structure to the entire piece. I am very proud of this piece since it was capable of gaining a spot at the Young Master's competition and also was displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art.

In the Shoes of....

This drawing is a replicated drawing of a historic painting by Carrvagio unless I am confusing with another painter. But in this piece I replaced the head of Christ with my own face, and I also added a hidden object in the piece. This piece was meant more to show the emotions that I would express in the place of Christ.

David and the Fish Tank

This drawing is made using cross-hatching with a feltip pen. My brother David is the subject who is staring off into the fish tank in front of him viewing the fish.


This is a self-portrait drawing using Prisma-color pencils and Ebony pencils. This picture is part of a series of drawings that focuses on the Renaissance styled paintings. This particular drawing uses the techniques of Rembrandt.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The drawing was used to capture all the emotion that I was feeling during the time that my dog passed away. I used a single light source to emphasize the dramatic feeling of the piece.